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What we do

Welcome to Canada’s first real estate investing platform, where you can buy and sell fractions of property like stocks.
Here’s how we make it happen for you:

1. We buy the best buildings in Canada
Our hawk-eyed team of real estate experts scours the country for the best-performing buildings on the market. Once we’ve done our due diligence, Willow invests in multi- residential apartment, office, retail, industrial or mixed-use buildings and divides it into 100,000 units of ownership.

Then, investors like you may buy their preferred number of units, then sit back and let the monthly rental profits roll in.

2. We take care of all the details
There are no realtor fees or land transfer tax on sales within the Willow platform. And forget about the headache of being a landlord. We partner with industry-leading property management companies to ensure each of our buildings is professionally managed to exacting standards.

We also create a built-in reserve fund for every property to cover any unexpected costs. Just another way to ensure our investors have access to a steady monthly return.

3. We maintain a bustling real estate platform
As we continue to grow, our platform will be teeming with investment opportunities for investors of every profile. You’ll be able to buy and sell units – within a regulated, pre- determined range to keep things fair.

Each of our properties has a 5 to 15-year sell date, determined right from the start. When it sells, the property is removed from the platform and current investors of that property will receive a proportional payout from the proceeds. In the meantime, they will receive monthly returns from any rental profits.

4. What sets us apart
Willow is Canada’s first PropSharing investment platform, empowering people to invest in properties like they would stocks. PropSharing is an entirely new type of investment vehicle created to open the door for real estate investors and provide an ideal online platform for coordinating shared interests.

We invest in every property on our platform, so we are as invested in their success as our investors are.

What you do

Willow levels the playing field when it comes to real estate investing. You can own fractions of high-performing buildings in Canadian cities from coast to coast, earning rent payments every single month.

Here’s how it works:
1. Help us help you
Get started by creating a custom investor profile. Our compliance and investment team will score your suitability for real estate investing and make recommendations based on your goals.

Once you’ve been approved, link your bank account and drop in some cash so you can start investing!

2. Pick your properties
Browse Willow’s marketplace for the perfect property for your portfolio. Search by location, type of property, unit price and more.

Each building has its own profile page where you can see details like the latest distribution, net yield rate and anticipated sell date before you make a decision.

You are free to invest in as many units as you’ve been approved for – in one building or several.

3. Buy and sell
When you’ve chosen a property and the number of units you’d like to invest in, simply enter the request on the property profile page. We’ll be notified of your interest and do all the work behind the scenes to confirm your purchase. Then, sit back and collect your monthly distributions from any rental profit!

There is a holding period of 4-months for new properties. After that, you can request to buy or sell units at a price of your choosing. This offers lots of flexibility if you want to cash out, get in on a hot property or simply move your investments around.

4. What you pay
Our goal is to make real estate investing accessible to everyone and our prices reflect that.
Our investors pay:
  • 1% Origination fee as a one-time expense
  • 0.5% Management fee
  • $5 trading fee per trade
That’s it. The efficiency of our technology and the power of PropSharing means more people can be part of real estate investing – and that we can afford to pass on savings to our investors with lower fees.

It’s all part of the Willow way.




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