Everyone gets a piece of the property.

PropSharing allows investors to buy and sell shares in property the same way they do the stock market. Properties are split into shares and offered for sale on the platform. Legal ownership is standardized and properties are managed by professional property managers. Participants can build a custom portfolio and trade ownership anytime on the exchange.

Everyone gets a piece of the property.

PropSharing is the barrier buster which allows everyone to enter the real estate market. It empowers the individual, not the middleman. It grows wealth in real estate whether an investor owns their home or not.

Willow created PropSharing by building a platform that solves the complexities of real estate. Now the asset that makes so much sense on paper, makes sense in real life.

The benefits of PropSharing


Standardized Ownership

Each property is divided into 10,000 equal units, or shares

Active, Earning Properties

Lease revenues cover the bills, and profits are paid out monthly, like dividends

Easy to Trade

Use our purpose-built exchange for simple buying or selling of shares

Secure Financials

Approximately 50% mortgage on each property, with a 6-month reserve for unexpected expenses

Simple, Transparent Fee Structure

0.5% transaction fees, 1% management fee, 1% property listing fees

Full Compliance

Canadian Securities-compliant

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Willow is Canada’s first real estate exchange, making it possible to buy and sell fractions of property, just like stocks.